One Survivor's Journey.

Vampires + Zombies = Blood and Guts

The players and the stakes are getting big and bloody.

Time to retool and punch fate in the face.


Life in the blood — death in the blood.


Infinite Vampire is an awesome fictional world by M. Lorrox.


It's got vampires — and zombies — and explosions — and touching ‘coming of age’ type-baloney.


The world includes a series of alternate-present-day novels, alternate-present-day novellas, multimedia artwork, online experiences, and alternate-history graphic novels (telling the backstory of the world and its characters).


Early Quotes:


"You have to change the title!  Through the writing, you're delivering Mozart, but the name and cover screams Heavy Metal."

-(He-who-does-not-understand that the series is actually a Heavy Metal symphony written by Bach's ghost.)



"This isn't a page-turner, it's a page BURNER! This thing reads like it's on fire."

-Mr. Excited Reader-Pants... III



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