SOPHIA’S JOURNAL – Audiobook Companion

The print and ebook editions of SOPHIA’S JOURNAL contain a number of illustrations, drawn and inked by me, M. Lorrox. For your convenience, there are a few different ways you can view them while listening to the audiobook:

I hope you enjoy listening to SOPHIA’S JOURNAL as much as I enjoyed creating it! -M.

ChapterJournal Entry TitleIllustrations
0(Special Content)Title | Map
1“Dec 21, 5pm”The View
2“Dec 22, A.C.E.”Camp
3“Dec 23, S.E.A”Lone Wolf
4“Dec 23, 5pm”F**K! | Home
5“Dec 23, 6:30-8pm”Ditch Witch
6“Dec 23, 8-10pm”My Bag | Lo’s Hands
7“Dec 24, 3:30am”The Moon
8“Dec 24, 11am”Kachi
9“Dec 24, 2pm”Daisy | Funny Kid
10“Dec 24, 8pm”Train
11“Dec 25, 8am”Santa!
12“Dec 26, 7am”Big Tree
13“Jan 4, 5:15pm”Crow’s Nest | RIP…
14“Jan 10, 9am”“Train Robbers” poster
15“Jan 10, 1pm”
16“Jan 13, Middle of Night”Those Eyes…
17“Some Days Later”My Knife | The Doe
18“Two more Days later”
19(Special Content)Laid to Rest | Burial Site | ???