BOOM! You’re about to get MORE awesome!

I'm M. and I'm writing the Infinite Vampire series.


There are over a half million words in this world, and most of my reviews have been very positive. I'd love love love for you to read and enjoy my work, and I hope you review it, too! (Reviews are incredibly important for independent authors!)

So far, there are four full novels and one novella in the Infinite Vampire world. A series of novellas and a short novel are in the works, but it takes me a while to produce content worthy of the Infinite Vampire world! I disbanded my email list (because it was too expensive to maintain), so currently, the best way to stay in the loop with my books is to follow me on Goodreads.

I'm active on some social media networks as @MLorrox, most often on Twitter.

I'm so glad to have you joining me in the wild Infinite Vampire world! I hope you freakin' love it!